We Introduce a tool (Dicom to Vti) to create vti files used in SimVascular.

First, you need VolView (Kitware INC). VolView is software that converts Dicom to vti files, but the coordinate direction of the vti file loaded by SimVascular is different. (VolView is LPS and SV is RAS.)

In order to load it into SimVascular, the direction must be converted. This tool allows you to correct the orientation.


1.Install VolView on the home page below.

2.Start VolView, open Dicom and save. ( VTK XML Format(*.vti) )

3.Download it below and unzip it. Once installed, an icon (Be OS mark) will appear on your desktop.

4.Load the data output by VolView and click the “Convert to SV vti file” button to convert.

5.You will have a new converted vti file, so save it in the same folder with a new name.

6.Start SimVascular and load the new converted vti file.

Download 2016/11/25/ ver1.0.2