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Dicom Converter

  Here we provide the tool that makes the vti file for SimVascular.
At first you have to launch VolView(Kitware INC). VolView is a Dicom reader that can convert Dicom to vti file. But this vti file's coordinate direction is unmatched for SV.
(Volview:LPS, SV:RAS)
So,you have to change the direction.Our tool changes the direction and save the new vti file for SV. The tool is still testing phase, in case of finding bugs please inform us.


1. Download and Install VolView from below.
2. Start VolView ,open Dicom series and save volume( VTK XML Format(*.vti) ).


3. Download our tool by pushing the "download button" below.
  Unzip ,then installer(setup.exe) appears. After installing, click the icon(Be OS mark) on Desktop,then the tool launches.
4. Read the vti file outputted by VolView and push convert button.

5. You have gotten the new vti file with newname(adding _out) at the same folder.
6. Start SV and input the vti file converted.
  (note that length unit is still "mm")

  • Download 11/25/2016 ver1.0.2

Downloads Folder Free Download : This tool works on 64bit Windows.

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